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All that silliness somehow managed to be a perfect entrée to yet another new Lee song, the yowling, creamy R&B ballad, "Lost Child." Not everything was soul and seduction.His solo acoustic guitar set was old-school Amos with a bit more patter added to the mix.The first thing I noted, when looking at a photo of him, is that he had interesting features that I couldn't easily categorize.Which is to say that I couldn't guess what ethnicity he was, and so I asked. Most people I know of multiple ethnicity -- including other singers like Kelis (black, Asian, Latino) for example -- glady rattle off their ancestry.Most un-biased people, I think, find this sort of thing interesting.

The infidelities on the part of some renowned people seem to be the purpose of their wedding's cancellations.

Along with having penned songs and performed with country cousins Zac Brown and art hopper RJD2, Lee got a nod from Eddie Vedder during one of Pearl Jam's Philly shows, just for showing up.

So the question became, going forward, what would humble Lee do with such infamy?

There was nothing hostile or or terse about saying, 'Where's your family from? It's like an equation in which you have the answer and would like to know the original individual components.

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" ; sure it's a polite way of saying, "What race are you? I don't think it's wrong to question, but then just respect the person's desire to remain mysterious, if that's how it pans.

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