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08-Aug-2016 12:02

The tub spider (trans) completely oxidized and came apart. The only way i can purchase part i need is to purchase new tub assembly. The machine has a 25yr warranty on motor and transmission.

Their phone, customer service and warranties are a joke. The spider corrosion design failure on Electrolux/Frigidaire/Kenmore front loaders is well documented: Electrolux/Figidaire have a 25 year warranty on the drum, presumably in recognition of the design error (see htp:// Info_PDF/Webster/40319een.pdf) but when my wife phoned customer service, they said the diagnosis and repair would have to be made by an authorized service technician, which we'd have to pay for.

This is the 'super-secret' part number for the complete assembly, includes both outer halves and inner tub with spider - a sort of 'replacement module'.

Note that this part number will show up when you enter it on the parts website but will not show up when you do the complete model / part look-up!

and although we have not taken it apart, I am sure the spider arms have failed after doing much research online. Kenmore HE model 417.xxxxx 7 years old and the spider that holds the drum broke.

Aluminum arms that hold the Stainless Steel wash drum to the shaft that the motor belt spins.

Thanks again in advance, i have faith that some kind soul will be of assistance. He said it will be more costly, but if it guarantees her getting here faster IT'S WORTH IT.

Hi guys and gals, i haven't posted much on this board but i occassionally read it.

I really enjoy how friendly and helpfull everyone is and i'm hoping that maybe ya'll can help me with an issue i'm having.

You'd think they'd be bending over backwards to fix their problem and keep their customers happy.

I'm going to send my corroded drum to their office in GA and demand the replacement under the warranty. Needless to say, Electrolux/Frigidaire has lost a customer. Am now trying to find out what I can buy to replace it with that is reliable and has a good reputation. Maybe the front loaders just aren't all they are cracked up to be... The warranty they use specifically references "For the lifetime of the washer from the date of purchase, Sears will replace the Stainless Steel wash drum due to defective material or workmanship." So far my experience with them in arguing with them is the tripod assembly is not stainless steel so its exempt from the warranty.

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