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The stream felt warm, and it excited me so rapidly.

I had an absolutely erect penis and I could feel my pre-cum beginning to build at the tip of my cock.

I had noticed how gorgeous she was as soon as I had hit puberty, but casual glances grew very quickly into infatuation.

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I helped her undress, as I wanted her naked, just the way I liked it.We hadn't talked about it at all, and she finally brought it out into our conversation. " At first I was quiet because I was a little surprised, but then I resorted to answering her honestly. the thought is very exciting, but I don't know how I'll actually take it, how I'll react to it, if I can actually do it." She seemed to know what I meant and she didn't pursue the subject after that. " While she described her suggestion to me, it made me feel so aroused, so hot, that I instantly agreed, hungry with anticipation of my chance to be able to do exactly what she described.

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