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If you got one, for the steep price of about 00, and then put it together, not a small feat, what you got was a big blue box with lights on the front. Next, a lit bit was walked across each of the front panel lights in turn, marquee style. These elementary Basic programs are still perhaps the only collection of programs that can honestly be said to run on any computer, anywhere.If you did your homework correctly, those lights did the right things, and after carefully reading the manual, and inputting several byte instructions, painstakingly flipping each bit of the byte, 8 bits, then hitting enter for each byte, you could actually get the machine to do something sensible with the lights on the front. Finally, the game "shoot the duck" was entered, which rotated a light across the row of lights. This property alone makes a museum collection worthwhile.I also found that the games have been modified from the original book form.Some of the modifications were useful, such as printing out instructions for how to play the game, that only appeared in the original book.I have the book, but I have not found more than a very few of the programs in computer source form.I am still looking for the games, or a better OCR program to convert the book form to computer form.

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Because the collection was restored from modified sources, it is still possible to find errors or differences from the original program. I have tried to stay as close to the original, as determined by the book, as possible.Thus, hopefully, the programs are titled with the proper authors.