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Being heterosexual is not about being to fuck pussy anymore than being gay is about being able to fuck an ass.Being straight is about wanting to be with a woman -- being intimate with a woman emotionally and physically, however the man and woman work those things out, heterosexual intimacy is what feels natural.It's just a sexual trend, just like the shaved genital thing.People like to do things differently from other generations, they like to think of themselves as daring and different.No matter how the conversation/fantasy started, it always ended in the ass. Amongst customers of phone sex lines back in the '80s, anyway. Anal penetration during this contraction can be extremely pleasurable.Once in a while I enjoy going into chat rooms pretending to be a woman. Why would you stick your dick in my butt when you can stick it in my pussy? As a woman, I'd say more accurate to say they'll do anything if they have bad self-esteem. Then where is the pleasure to a man of having a bi ol' schlong fucking your face? Yet, as we know, there are men who swear they love being on the receiving end of that! So, r53, then how do you explain the fact that some men who have had their prostates removed still enjoy getting fucked? Women can achieve orgasm through manual stimulation, either her own or her partner's, while she is being anally penetrated and for some women, this can be exciting.But then I don't study the problem or stick around to find out what's going where. I'd really like to see those studies and how that's been determined, rather than the more simple common-sense conclusion, such as "wow, that chick's got a really beautiful ass that would feel so great on my dick, I really want to fuck her."You know kind of like the way a gay top feels about a guy's butt. It's so tiresome and you all fall for it every time. The lining between the anus and vagina is very thin, and the cock positions itself in just the right place in the anal canal which puts pressure on the other side of the lining, the exact spot where the g-spot is located inside the vagina. The anus doesn't give much room to maneuver around another spot within it. It's quite fascinating, but this is the reason a lot of women love it.

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But I really don't know anything about straight guys so I could be talking out of my ass (sorry for that). Most straight men don't focus in on anal sex as much as gay men do, for rather obvious reasons.It's pretty hard to say it is always a male-dominating, abusive, painful type thing when a woman repeatedly asks for it, and I really didn't want to be bothered, which happened.Here is what I don't get about these discussions on anal sex for women, and they always turn out the same way.Why is it not a really positive thing if some women say they like anal sex, it gives them great climaxes, or they don't come that way but it is really a turn on.

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Why can't we just say, "OK, that's your thing, that's cool?R5: That is not how most straight men view anal sex with women as opposed to vaginal sex.