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24-Nov-2016 06:55

In fact, this Saturday marks a decade since the series finale aired on HBO.Back then, we had no idea Carrie and the ladies would make a comeback on the big screen.She’s smart and witty, but also has her moments of selfishness and trepidation.She’s always asking difficult questions that many women wonder (and then some), such as speculating what a “soul mate” is or questioning how her past will affect her future.She’s got an innocent disposition that can be hard to find in a city where many people are pessimistic and skeptical.Carrie is debatably the most relatable of all the women on SATC.She reminds viewers that even if we don’t have it all, we can still be absolutely fabulous.Above all, "Sex and the City" displays four women who are successful, independent, and live life by their own rules.

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She eventually finds one, it doesn’t work out, and she then finds another who happens to be “the one” for her.She’s aware that love will come when it comes, and she’s not on any search to find “the one.” The ever-cynical Miranda often raises important questions on the show, such as asking why her male cohorts sometimes look down upon her at work, or why she is always hassled about being single when renting a new apartment.