Did travis mccoy dating katy perry

06-Feb-2017 05:34

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I definitely felt a certain way about the whole situation. ' I had to sit back and reassess what was really going on. Having a year and a half to reflect on it, you start questioning everything…The timelines… After you have some time to start thinking about it, you start putting things together. Emotionally, I wanted it to come across almost like I was crying. Whenever I'm away from Miami for a while and come back, those first three days I have the worst allergies in the world. It was just that the title was so fitting, I had to take advantage of it.I recorded it the day I got back, so my allergies were fucked up, I was so congested. The first verse is grade school, second verse is high school into college, and the third verse is where I'm at now and reflecting on the first two verses. Remember when you could get 10 cassettes for a penny? I wanted to keep the record fun and upbeat and positive. But just the coincidences that went down and the fact that it's Russell Brand. Travie Mc Coy: Nah, I think the title will throw people off a little bit, but I think when they hear the music it'll be okay.How things changed and the things I deal with now, and how much easier things were back then. Complex: In that song, you talk about finding out about Wu-Tang Clan from and your favorite song being "Can It Be So Simple" that summer. When Chad Beatz, who produced that for me, played me it, I was like, "Whoa." We got Colin [Munroe] to sing the hook. Complex: What scene from that movie could you relate to the most? I think there is only one reference to Katy on the mixtape.I recorded it then listened back and it sounded like I was teared up. Listening to it, you're like, "Damn, he's definitely going through some shit." I was second-guessing putting it on there, because I didn't want to kill the vibe, but it's the last song on there. Complex: There is line that says "Was I just another step in the progression for you?

So to deal with his onetime relationship with Katy Perry—which ended in 2009, at which point she began dating Russell Brand, who she's now engaged to—he couldn't help but poke fun at his situation with the upcoming , which will be released on Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance, as well as T-Pain's Nappy Boy records, stays in line with the mixtape's humorous, self-deprecating tone. It was really helpful to have him downstairs while I was working.

I was like, "Wow."Complex: Was that the first time you ever met him? I had bumped into him at events and whatnot, but that was the first time we really chopped it up.