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For each pinecone, cut 14" length of twine-covered wire with wire cutters. Apply orange spray paint inside stencils, then quickly remove and discard T-pins and stencils; let dry.Twist one end into small swirl with pliers, then hot-glue to top of pinecone.3. If the letters don't show up right away, add a second coat of paint to make them pop.

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Use a paintbrush to dab acrylic paint onto the quills of 6 to 9 pinecones; let dry.2. Cover exposed hay with extra paper to protect from excess paint.4.

For the eyes, cut two " orange burlap circles and sandwich each piece of fabric inside a canning jar lid; glue along inside edge to secure.3. Spray-paint a boxwood wreath black and dried leaves white; let dry.2. Stuff witch boots with batting and secure to legs by tying laces tightly.5.

Glue a black button to center of each eye and cut slits in fabric around outside. Cut tops of leaves into ghost shapes and draw faces with permanent marker; hot-glue onto wreath.3. What you'll need: " half-circle in middle of each leg and cut the shape out. Tape quilt batting around pool noodles, adding extra layers to hip and thigh areas and an almond shape where it bends to complete knee. To make sign, hot-glue six paint stirrers together to form a jagged rectangle, then hot-glue another stirrer to the back as a signpost.

What you'll need: Switch on this skeleton's top hat to signal that there are treats waiting in the house.1. Cut facial features from white adhesive felt and press in place.2. Cut a circle of black foam core that's " wider than shade on all sides for a brim; cover outer edge with ¼"-wide black ribbon.

Cut a center hole for harp, then hot-glue brim to bottom of shade and attach to lamp.3.What you'll need: " wreath form; secure with hot glue.2.