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The Pinar del Río area is divided into seven subregions: 1) la Cordillera de los Organos y sus valles intramontanos; 2) la Sierra del Rosario; 3) las Alturas de Pizarra; 4) la llanura Costera del Sur de Pinar del Río; 5) la llanura Costera del Norte de Pinar del Río; 6) la Península de Guanahacabibes; 7) la Isla de Pinos, even though this Isle belongs to the Province of La Habana.

Pinar del Río contains some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Cuba, especially an area called the Valle de Viñales, a picturesque and profound valley of small hills and dense groves.

The red color is for the blood sacrificed by the Cuban patriots. It was a steamy hot day in New York City and General Narciso López, of Venezuelan origin, had joined the fight for Cuba's independence.

Exhausted from planning all that was entailed in bringing Revolution to Cuba, he sat a local park, and quickly fell asleep.

The population estimates according to the 1953 census were approximately 448,422 residents.

The population consisted of 34% urban and 66% rural, making Pinar del Río the province with the most rural population in Cuba.

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This province forms part of the geographic region called Occidente, which encompasses the Provinces of Pinar del Río, La Habana, Matanzas, and Las Villas.

In the division toward the left, there are pictures of mountains, rivers, the valley and most evident a Royal Palm Tree, the national tree of Cuba - graceful and elegant - representing the rich soil that Cuba has been blessed with.

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